Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beast!! ... Except he's kind of cute...

Here's part 2/3 of the Monster Hunter project, my Mongoose/Otter/Pangolin beast thing. It's pretty simple, but I learned a lot about layer modes and locking transparency in this image, thanks especially to Jaan van Eeden for showing me those things. I think this "monster" looks a little docile, but it's supposed to be based on how an otter lives and hunts around rivers, so I guess that's okay. I might do a quick face painting of it snarling, just to show how it would react when the mer-people attacked one of these things.

The new armor design might have to get put on hold until I finish the current Bloodsport challenge, I'm already pretty delayed in starting it. Hopefully I can get a lot done this weekend.

- Natalie

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