Tuesday, January 17, 2012

quick update

Hey guys,

So I'm just posting some sketches from the end of last week. I have other things I've drawn/painted since then but because it's all stuff for the Crimson Daggers: Bloodsport Challenge 4 I'm going to wait and upload all the work I do for that at once. And while I'm mentioning that I might as well also say that as of this week I will be working on as many of the challenges as I can and hopefully that will force me to get over my apprehension of working with my tablet. I've been avoiding it for whatever insecure reasons I kept giving myself, but I'm done with excuses and I'm going to try and face my weaknesses as best I can. Anyway, more stuff soon. And yes, these are referenced from some of Hannes' work because his faces are soooooo nice. :)

- Natalie

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