Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Neck and Neck

Hey team,

Page of ears and then some necks. Been listening to Daniel Warren stream his life while I work and skype-ing with other people too. It's an online community! I both love and hate that that is the case, and I'm sure Dan feels similarly. Anyway, I'll probably be updating this in the mornings because I can take decent pictures of my drawings in the morning light and it gets it out of the way before I buckle down into working mode. Also I can do this while I'm still groggy and waking up. I am very much not a morning person.

I'm also going to try and go back to class tonight at my dojo. I think I am healed enough from my appendix surgery to be able to start being active again. I miss training and exercising so I think it will be a nice change of pace instead of sitting literally all day at my laptop.

And finally, my local newspaper might be sending me some very exciting news today, so fingers crossed I get what I'm anticipating. :)

- Natalie

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