Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy weekend

Hey all,

Checking in with my exploits from the past few days. I went up to Northern MA to stay with some friends for the weekend. We had an even to attend in Boston on Sunday and this helped avoid the trouble of meeting in the city/separate parking/etc. The event was good, and I'm glad I went, though I don't think I would make such a big trip for it again, as all the driving and travel killed a lot of time. I figured I wouldn't have a ton of time to do any serious anatomy studies like I'd been working on prior, so I worked on a side project of mine instead, here are the portraits I got done.

So anyway, fairly good weekend. On Saturday before I went up, I had acro class at my dojo, and I feel like I improved my round-off significantly. So for the first weekend of SKYLINE I think I touched on all three areas of my challenge. :)

- Natalie

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