Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Mission is a go, engage!

Okay! So today I start my SKYLINE initiative. If you want to know more about the guiding principles of this initiative check out this link

As I said in my first post, I'm only changing the name for my own personal reasons, but the approach will be the same. And hopefully no one will hate me for it. But anyway, my goals are rather scattered, and some of them are things I should be able to complete in the next 6 months, if I achieve them on the schedule I have planned out for myself. 

1. To become strong/skilled in the fundamentals needed for a career in the concept art field. I am trying to be realistic about my current skill level and also my current time commitments with this goal. I think if by this time next year I have done a plethora of studies and a few personal pieces in which I apply the subjects and material I will be studying I will have reached a point where I could begin to look for professional work, or at the very least, commissioned works that I could begin to support myself with. Breaking down the fundamentals into specific groups, I think will be key; so far I know I have the following to work on. 
- Anatomy
- Costuming (wrinkles and folds but also design)
- Landscape (natural environments)
- Perspective (more specifically, man-made environments and objects)
- Light, Color, and combining/integrating an understanding of these with Painting/Rendering in Photoshop. 

2. Capoeira related goal :: For those of you who don't know what capoeira is, it's a brazilian martial art that combines dance, fighting, music, culture and acrobatics into one beautiful and engaging art form. My most immediate personal goal with regards to my training in this art is to reach Graduada level by the time of my group's annual event in August. This is roughly the equivalent of black belt in other martial art forms, and will earn me a place in the "advanced" classes/leadership position of my school. This goal is technically an 8 month objective, but it applies to the SKYLINE because if I am successful in this, I plan to take a step back and reassess the amount of time I will be dedicating to classes and continued training. I am inclined to think that stepping out of 2 days worth of training, leaving me with 3 will not be detrimental to my continued growth, and free up more of my time which I can then spend on goal #1.

3. My third goal is rather private, and I don't really feel it is necessary to post on a public forum like this. My close friends will be kept up to date, and I will post a few things here and there on the blog that those who are informed will understand the significance of in regards to this goal. Again there are certain steps regarding this goal that I plan to achieve before the year is even close to being done, but overall this goal will be a continuing endeavor to better myself and my relationships with others. 

So today's work is part of a continuing study from the past couple of weeks on Anatomy. I've been working through the body step by step using various books to develop a solid understanding of human proportions, construction and mechanics. 

Lastly I would like to thank Dan and Dave, and the Crimson Daggers for their continual inspiration and passion, you are all a true gift to the community. Also I would like to share this, which I feel was the universe trying to tell me something last night at dinner. 

- Natalie 

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  1. Great to see you on here it will be neat to follow your progress. >.> your limbs and other body parts are a million times better then mine raised to the tenth power. Keep it up! Follow my blog too ^_^ please