Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone! So I hope the holidays were enjoyable for everyone, mine was relaxed and low-stress, so that was nice. I got a couple of James Gurney's books on painting which look to be full of delicious knowledge. This post has the studies I was working on prior to Christmas. I was doing some figures from memory and realized that I couldn't really get their feet to look correct. Probably because I haven't practiced feet yet! So that's what I was working on. After I did a bunch of them I did a few leg studies just to practice attaching the feet to the ankle correctly.

Also, in light of my inability to physically train Capoeira for a few more weeks, I've started doing some reading about the history of the art, which in my academy we are held accountable for how much we know and are able to discuss during the annual testing period. The book is really dry, but some of the events themselves are interesting, and I'm taking notes so that I hopefully retain a little more of what I read. It makes it a slower process, but I think I'll actually learn more this way.

And progress has been made on objective 3, specifically amongst my family, at least as far as I can tell from recent events and conversations.

That's all for now, pushing forward towards a productive and successful 2012.   - Natalie

Here's dem feet.

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